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Sparkle For A Cause ✨ Mission 22

Designer: Electrik Glitter

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Sparkle For A Cause collection aims to support non profits while our festival goers are able to sparkle Responsibly with Electrik Glitter ✨

This pack includes 5g of Silver Sand Dollar, 5g of Blue Lagoon, 5g of Coral glitter. 

Mission 22 is a national community supporting active service members, Veterans, and their family members, through three areas of focus:

Support and Treatment Programs
For active service members, Veterans, and their family members, addressing Post-Traumatic Stress, Traumatic Brain Injury, suicide risk and other challenges.

Social Impact
Uniting civilians and the military community to raise awareness of issues active service members, veterans, and their family members face.

Remembering and honoring service members and Veterans through large scale installations and digital initiatives, while raising awareness for issues faced on home soil.

Through this largely volunteer effort, we continue to make a national impact, and our community is growing every day. We are proud to lead this mission supporting our military, Veterans, and their families.