S P A R K L E * R E S P O N S I B L Y

California Gold Body Glitter

Designer: Electrik Glitter

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    • Electrik Glitter is an all natural body glitter! Our chunky glitter sets are hand mixed in California and include multiple sizes of cosmetic glitter made from plants not plastics!
    • Each holographic glitter vial has over 5 grams of festival glitter, or about 2 dozen uses! Our Glitter sets are holographic glitter blends made for nail glitter, hair glitter and body glitter.
    • Our body glitter is sourced from Eucalyptus Tree’s as opposed to plastic like other chunky glitter or loose glitter. This makes our glitter 30-40% softer on your skin than other face glitter.
    • With every sale of our chunky glitter we donate a portion of proceeds to ocean conservation efforts making this festival glitter the perfect addition to your rave accessories or festival accessories
    • Antimony free! Animal cruelty free, and our packaging is made from re-used paper. Vegan and cruelty free! Holographic glitter for Hair glitter, Nail Glitter, and Face Glitter.