S P A R K L E * R E S P O N S I B L Y

Electrik Glitter is Made from Plants

Electrik Glitter is a sustainability-driven cosmetics company created on the beaches of California. Electrik Glitter has created an extensive line of cosmetic grade biodegradable body glitter with the goal of raising awareness on the harmful effects of plastic glitter. Their glitter is made from plants and not plastic and the mission is simple – to ensure everyone wearing glitter is sparkling sustainably. Electrik Glitter is not only perfectly safe to wear at the beach or music festival but is much softer on your skin than sharp plastic glitter. On top of their dozens of colors of glitter, Electrik Glitter has created a line of eco-friendly metallic tattoos as well as a specially formulated hemp-infused & sweat resistant glitter glue. Electrik glitter also does their part by donating a portion of each purchase to ocean conservation efforts and is setting the industry standard for sustainable cosmetics.